Features & Benefits

5E ~ SmartNGSS


  • Integrated 3-dimensional instructional units grounded in learning theory and based on research evidence on how students learn.
  • Thousands of interactive multimedia resources for active learning: models, videos, audios, animations, virtual experiments and simulators.
  • Teacher-guided activities with ICT support and hundreds of self-correcting activities for effective learning.
  • Phenomena-driven activities that introduce students to practices of conducting real science while they learn how real-world problems can be solved.
  • User-friendly tools to send assessments and accurately track student achievement in every step of the learning process.
  • Technological projects in real-life contexts with printable dossiers and rubrics available for students and teachers.
  • Complete key teacher resources and guides.
  • All contents available simultaneously in English and Spanish.


  • SmartNGSS is the easiest and most reliable way to implement NGSS 3-dimensional instruction in your science classes.
  • It's based on exploration, discovery, critical thinking and learning-by-doing.
  • Real world connections to scientific concepts, the units promote the change from a transmission educational model, based on the transmission on facts being transmitted from the teacher or the textbook to the learner, to a constructivist model, based on practices which engage students in learning science.
  • Multimedia and interactive resources enhance student motivation and make concept comprehension easier while they allow active engagement in real scientific practices.
  • User-friendly tracking tools allow teachers to evaluate students' achievement and to give them continuous feedback.
  • Complete teacher guides help teachers map NGSS objectives in every unit.

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