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Science Bits provides teachers with lessons that help them teach science in a way that engages their students. Learn how Science Bits lessons introduce an inquiry-based, learning-by-doing method in today classrooms with our testimonials.

· 95% of teachers who have used Science Bits have rated it as Excellent or Very Good*

*Data obtained from an effective pilot study in 235 schools from different countries, with the participation of over 12,000 students.

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It has not only been an all-inclusive curriculum based on my standards ... it has also shown significant trends of growth on district tests.

“Teaching is a multifaceted profession, demanding one person to wear multiple hats, often simultaneously. Having a resource that truly helps lighten the burden of at least one of those hats, and one that actually produces consistent gains in learning growth...

Amber Richards

It's the best addition I have made to my curriculum in the 11 years I have been teaching.

I love using Science Bits with my 8th graders because it's not encyclopedic, it's experiential. Students don't need to be fed vocabulary because they can just look those things up...

Jen Taylor
Science Teacher at Lakeview Academy, Saratoga Springs, Utah

Science Bits is true to its name: it is full of snippets that can enhance many science classes

Short, focused practice activities on topics from classification to chemical composition provide great opportunities to target specific learning goals. Science Bits units follow...

Christie Thomas
Science and Math Teacher, Graphite™ (Common Sense Education )

My students are always asking me to use Science Bits

Innovative, appealing, inclusive... Students get to learn without being aware that they are actually studying. That's why they are always asking me to use Science Bits. The learning method...

Jordi Bas
Teacher and Head of Science at Saint Marc's School of Sarrià (Barcelona)

Science Bits is a Science teacher's dream

Wow! Science Bits is a Science teacher's dream. There are too many good things to say about this ed-tech tool to cover in this comments section...

Academics’ Choice Awards 2014

The winds of change are also blowing in education. You can’t educate students in the 21st century with tools and methodologies from last century.

Although we were cautious and fearful about embracing the digital era, both my colleagues at the department and I were totally impressed with the Science Bits project from the very start...

Emiliano Sánchez-Crespo Romero
Jesús María school, Hermanos García Noblejas (Madrid)

Science Bits is really great!

I used a different program last year and it was like learning a non-fiction course, that is, boring and not engaging. However, with Science Bits, my child is truly engaged and ready to learn…

Tanya Eddins
Homeschool Buyers Co-op Member

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